Artwork Info

Mac Applications

We accept files created in the following applications:

  • Illustrator CS
  • Photoshop CS
  • InDesign CS
  • QuarkXpress 6.5


• Macintosh Postscript fonts (e.g. Adobe Type I)
• We do not accept True Type fonts
• Please specify actual font style (i.e. Italic or Bold) from
font menu not via attribute option
• Please include both printer and screen fonts used when sending artwork
•Convert fonts to "outline" or "paths" if needed to avoid conflicts.

Bleed Specifications

Very important
• Place all "non-bleeding" copy & artwork 1/8" inside trim/crop marks
• Bleed art must extend 1/8" beyond trim/crop marks
• See illustration below

Download Horizontal Business Card Template

Download Vertical Business Card Template


File Formats

• EPS [vector graphics]
• TIF [Photoshop files]
• QXD [Quark document]
• INDD [Indesign document]

• JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF are NOT accepted for printing

• Please send all linked files place in your document, as well as all printer and screen fonts used (MAC only).

• All images must be converted to


Scan images at 100% of final print size in the following resolution:

Bitmap/Line Art: 800 ppi
Halftone/Gray scale: 350 ppi
ppi = pixels per inch